Jean Guenther

Jean Guenther

Jean Guenther works in spiritual psychology as a guide and educator.

In 1974 she founded the Vermont Center for Psychosynthesis, and for 20 years provided a multi-level training program. Now she teaches on a tutorial basis and as a guest presenter.

Jean enjoys her work as a catalyst and facilitator of personal, relational and spiritual groowth and fulfillment. She works with adults, couples, and families, either on the phone or in her session room, overlooking a large green space with an evergreen and edible garden, and labyrinth.

In 1984 Jean initiated and guided the founding of the Lake Champlain Waldorf Pre-School, which has grown into a successful high school. In 1994 she initiated and guided the founding of the Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis, a North American volunteer and consensually-run professional association.

At the start of her career Jean worked with adolescents, first in the Boston area, and then in 1973 as a member of the founding staff of Threshold, in Burlington, Vermont, where she continues to make her home with her family.