Synthesis is the dynamic yet harmonious integration of elements

which brings an individual, group, or other system into its

next levels of evolving potential and actualization.

Synthesis occurs spontaneously in the natural world.

Synthesis ~ the re-organizion of any system for greater functioning ~
is attempting to occur consciously, within and among all of us.

This developmental process of synthesis is similar wherever it occurs, in

Couples, Family Synthesis, Group and Inter-Group Synthesis,

Local-Bio-Regional Synthesis, Organizational Synthesis, and Planetary Synthesis.

Planetary Synthesis will be the result of evolution within and among enough systems to reach the “tipping point” – – where supporting the inter-connected web of all life on earth will be a high value and function embedded in our diverse, planetary culture.

The path towards synthesis can be consciously supported in Individuals and GroupsPersonally, Socially, Politically, Spiritually, and on and for our Planet.

“Psycho-synthesis” describes and supports this process in the individual.

Our mission at the VCP is assisting people in finding and taking their most skillful next steps, moving themselves and their relationships into greater levels of health and wholeness, using the contributions of psychosynthesis and other wisdom traditions.